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Meconopsis World Has A New Home
This site also exists in the form of a Blog, which allows the user greater sharing options for the data and photographic images presented within.
All news and further updates from now on will be available via the blog only, this site will still co exist with the blog, but it is recommended that the end user visits the blog for news specific updates.
M. aculeata M. henricii M. racemosa
M. argemonantha M. horridula M. regia
M. X Beamishii M. impedita M. robusta
M. bella M. integrifolia M. rudis
M. betonicifolia M. lancifolia M. sherriffii
M. bijiangensis M. latifolia M. simikotensis
M. chankeliensis M. longipetiolata M. simplicifolia
M. concinna M. lyrata M. sinomaculata
M. x Cookei M. napaulensis M. sinuata
M. delavayi M. neglecta M. speciosa
M. dhwojii M. paniculata M. staintonii
M. discigera M. pinnatifolia M. superba
M. x finlayorum M. prainiana M. taylori
M. forrestii M. prattii M. tibetica
M. florindae M. primulina M. torquata
M. ganeshensis M. pseudointegrifolia M. venusta
M. georgei M. pseudovenusta M. violacea
M. gracilipes M. punicea M. wallichii
M. grandis M. qinghaiensis M. wilsonii
M. x Harleyana M. quintuplinervia M. wumungensis
    M. zangnanensis

This site is designed to help identify the different species of Meconopsis using Photographs.
If possible, photographs will be taken in the wild. For a number of species there is great variation and defining the limits is not easy.